Credit: Correspondent R. Lorenzi

 A recent discovery in Bawiti, Egypt revealed "over 100 tombs" in a huge depression in the Sahara desert. As time goes by, the remnants of this colony from Mars will be unearthed. As Richard Hoagland once said "We are the Martians." Our research will be vindicated someday. Until that happens, and the truth comes out, what we have stated here will remain open to speculation. But why Earth? One possible explanation is that the Earth is the closest planet to Mars that will support life. Find the artist's rendering of what the Cydonia complex may have looked like when it was originally constructed. Please note the smaller sister pyramids along side the larger pyramids in the Cydonia complex. Compare this to the pyramids located at the complex at Giza, in the Sahara desert of Egypt. There are striking similarities between the two. I would speculate that Upper Egypt was actually Mars, and lower Egypt was Earth. Cairo means "Mars," and there does seem to be a piece of Mars right here on Earth. (See Hoagland)

Some have speculated that the Earth was colonized by people from Mars. One such colonization is chronicled in the first book of the Holy Bible entitled "Genesis." In chapter 6, it states that "the sons of God CAME DOWN and took for them women for whom they chose." The descendants of these "sons of God" were "men of old, men of renown." Although most Bible scholars claim that they were fallen angels, they do not dismiss the fact that they came from above. Our research has suggested that there was indeed a colonization from above, and it had been chronicled in every major civilization on this planet. Perhaps that colony came from Mars?See also "The Historic Apocrypha."*

Scientists now know that there was life on Mars at one time. A meteor fragment has been discovered, which scientists theorize may have been blasted from the red planet by a meteor strike some 15 million years ago. This meteor contained a primitive microbial life-form in large numbers. Some of these life forms may have taken up residence here on our planet. It was just the evidence NASA needed to underscore the possibility that life once existed on Mars. Some have suggested that NASA knows that there is life on Mars, and is preparing the Earth for the day when they will tell us the whole story.

Could this be the chrysalis (or cacoon)
of an alien race that seeded our planet?


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