Yes, there is water on Mars...More water than we can handle.  There's an entire ocean of water under the surface of the planet.  Odyssey had reported this fact to NASA as recently as two months ago.  NASA has been doing a controlled release of information regarding this discovery, which was made by U-SETI researchers long before then.  NASA and JPL are releasing the lion share of information on the Internet, but none at all on television.  WHY? READ THE NEWSLETTER!



Mars has vast, subterranean water resources

Ms Burr and Mr. Boynton support the hypothesis that there is water on Mars...



MARS ICE~ Very little water remains on the surface of Mars.  Most of it  is in the form of ice.  These large, ice fields are found at the poles (above).  They do account for the other areas on the epithermal neutron map that is not explained by this theory.

These images of canals on Mars suggest that there were bodies of water on the surface.  These would include

rivers, lakes as well as oceans.  The image (right) is evidence that these canals may have been used to divert water into the underground reservoirs in an effort to save their dying planet...

Some believe that just below the surface of Mars, huge, underground regions of water have been detected.  Some theorists have suggested that the Martians have stored the water that once existed on the surface of Mars in vast, subterranean reservoirs.  Others postulate that massive reservoirs exist under the planet's surface; bodies of water that once fed a greener, more hospitable planet.

This image shows that there is a lot going on below the surface of Mars

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